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Hey Queens. So over the past few weeks I've been feeling completely exhausted. I started to notice that I'm not getting enough sleep, I was really sluggish throughout the day and was having terrible migraines. My migraines which caused me to be irritable with every thing. If you are like me then putting others before yourself is normal but because I'm on a journey to truly indulge in self care I have to take better care of my health. Our bodies have a way of telling us when we are in need of rest and a recharge. When the body speaks....LISTEN TO IT.

I'm grateful to have my kids home attending virtual school but I get no rest at all. Kids being home for school was a great decision for our family and I knew I could protect them as much as possible with all thats going on in the world. But I do realize that with the kids being home ALL day EVERY DAY I don't get those much needed quiet moments, mid-day wind downs or nap I may desperately need.

So this week I've challenged myself to Rest, Recharge and Work Out. Working Out is the next step in my self-care journey because I not only want to look good, I want to feel good and regain some of that energy I've lost.

I challenge you to make sure you are allowing yourself to REST and RECHARGE, take a walk alone, go to the gym. go window shopping, lock yourself in your room for 1 hour for some "ME" time. Whatever it takes, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and REST.

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