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Change is Beautiful

It's the FAMILY for Me!

This is one of my favorite seasons. The leaves are now changing colors and filling the ground, the weather is slowly going from hot to cool and I am finally able to change our wardrobe to trendy fall/winter pieces (SHOPPING TIME). But even with all of that I always seem to find ways to see the big picture and find blessings in each season of my life.

We all know that our world is going through a pandemic which has caused life to be different in many ways for many of us. There has been a lot of job loss, home evictions, businesses taking a major hit and decline in sales, rapid sickness and worse some even loss their lives. It has been a heavy time in our country and sometimes it's hard to see the big picture or even understand why all of this is happening. Now I don't know all the answers but I am working to solely trust in God regardless of how things may seem, because I know He has a plan.

In February 2020 I made a decision to leave corporate America and work solely on my business. I've been in business for myself for about 5 years but only on a part time basis. So imagine my surprise when just a month after my resignation this major crisis began. My businesses sales started to decline as people were nervous to spend money like normal because they were afraid of the unknown. Seeing things slow down for business I got a little discouraged because I still had financial responsibilities in business and at home. But I was determined I would not give up and I started looking at everything with my heart and spirit so that I could truly see what is it I could learn in this season. One thing I can say, is that this pandemic came and blew us all away but God remained in power and BLEW UP our faith! Being on this sole entrepreneur journey and living in a country going through crisis, God has kept me and my family. I have not once had to cry over bills not being paid IN A PANDEMIC, I was able to purchase my dream car IN A PANDEMIC, my relationships were mended IN A PANDEMIC, my business didn't close or go bankrupt IN A PANDEMIC and we are currently working on purchasing our dream home IN A PANDEMIC.

What does that mean?

Life will throw all kinds of bricks and curve balls to get you focused on things that DON'T EVEN MATTER...but if you remain intentional and keep your thoughts on God and your purpose He will take care of you, He will heal you, He will bless you and He will elevate you... EVEN in a pandemic.

So you see, change can be scary, uncertain, fearful but ultimately change is beautiful. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and into your place of purpose. Think about it, some of you would have never leaped into following your dreams had it not been for this pandemic. My sister in love is a business owner and in brief conversation she told me that this pandemic hurt so many and she hate how it has affected a lot of peoples lives but this pandemic was also a reassured her that God really cared about her with how much He was taking care of her during this time. I totally agree with that. We forget who is really been taking care of us and providing every need. Some of us just needed a reminder that God is still there and He still loves us unconditionally!

I challenge you all to see beauty in the changes of your life. They may be uncertain, make you feel uneasy but know that there is purpose in everything. Continue to seek and pray to God for answers, He is and will always be there for you!

Fall is the perfect example that change is beautiful.

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